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Loyalty Cards, Promo Scratch, Vinyl Stickers

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Loyalty Cards x 50

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Promotional Scratch Cards x 50

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Personalised Vinyl Stickers x 100

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Loyalty Cards

These a great Marketing Tool to give to your customers as a reward for their loyal custom. They have been designed so that the 7th time your customer shops with you they receive a reward.

These cards can also be personalised with the use of your branded stickers. If you wish to purchase these see below.

Size: 55 x 85mm, Material: 400gsm double sided uncoated 

Scratch Cards

These are our signature product and are perfect for small businesses (in particular Network Marketing Business owners) to give to customers as a “Thank You for ordering”. They add a bit of fun for your customers and are a great marketing tool for you to incentivise them to repeat orders with you.

The cards are A7 in size in a gloss finish and come in bundles of x50 with x10 of each of the following prizes:

1. 10% off
2. £2.50 to spend
3. Refer a friend and both receive 5% off
4. 15% off when spending £30.00 or more
5. Free gift with your next purchase

They’ve been designed so that your Company Logo/Branding can be stuck on the back using our Personalised Vinyl Stickers. Or this can be left blank if preferred.

Size: A7 (74 x 105 mm), Finish: Double-Side | Material: 400gsm Silk


Information required:

  • Business Logo/Business Name
  • Contact Number if you’d like this to appear on your stickers
  • Facebook page/group link and/or Insta name


We will then create a sticker proof which will be emailed back to you for your approval before printing.

Please use the relevant space during the checkout process to provide us with the following information: Business name, wording, brand colours, contact details, company logo (See image for example) You will be able to upload your logo here too.

Size: 45mm (circle) | Material: Vinyl Gloss

Additional information

Weight 324 g

Loyalty Cards x 50

Weight 108 g

Promotional Scratch Cards x 50

Weight 161 g
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2 cm

Personalised Vinyl Stickers x 100

Weight 67 g
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2 cm